The 10 Most Expensive Yu-Gi-Oh Cards

If you think that Yu-Gi-Oh is just an animation on the role of d-d-d-duel, wait until you see how expensive the actual card game is.

Based on the Kazuki Takahashi comic book of 1996, the Yu-Gi-Oh card game has soared to more than 22 Billion cards since its launch in 1999, which may explain why the best-selling book 2009 Guinness World Records game. So far, the franchise has produced a series of animation series, five films, more than fifty video games and even five subsidiary versions.

For those who have money to make Egyptian pharaoh jealous of people’s wealth, the next record of the world’s most expensive Yu-Gi-Oh card. The heart of the card can guide you and your wallet.

01 – Tournament Black Luster Soldier

With most of the top ten lists, we see more and rarer items stacked together until we give the first name to all the other products on the list. However, with the game of Yu-Gi-Oh’s black glow soldiers, the gap between the card and the value on the other list could make our readers incredible.

This unique trading card was won in the first race of Yu-Gi-Oh in Japan in 1999, and the card itself was printed in stainless steel instead of the usual cardboard and foil. The value of this amazing black-luster soldier – has its own – about $ 10 Million. Although the report shows that the card may have sold the price close to $ 2 Million, but the beginning of a card may have to pay such a high price can demonstrate its scarcity of collectibles around the world. This is at the first position in this list of top 10 most expensive Yu-Gi-Oh cards 2018.

02 – Armored Blue Eyes White Dragon

Armor Blue Eye White Dragon is a true sense of legend. If this card is true, it is really unconscious that the source of the conflict on the Internet confirms and denies its existence.

If you create these stories, getting this card will make the buyer cost more than $ 500,000. However, since this card has been elusive in recent years, it does not surprise us if a buyer will allocate more money for this mythical card. This is at the second position in this list of world’s top 10 most expensive Yu-Gi-Oh cards 2018.

03 – Armament of the Lethal Lords

The fatal command of the House of Lords received another title at the 2006 World Championship, but it was surprising that this rare primitive offer. The seller is looking for a series of headlines that sell the card for over a Million dollars, which is a famous Honus Wagner baseball card.

Even without the sale of these astronomical figures, the deadly weapons of the House of Lords have sold so far $ 9,000. This is at the third position in this list of top 10 most expensive Yu-Gi-Oh cards 2018.

04 – Cyber-Stein

Although the common variant of this card exists, the rare promotional version of the Stein network was awarded the winners of the winner.
This is expected to make the Stein network value up to $ 4,500. This is at the fourth position in this list of top 10 most expensive Yu-Gi-Oh cards 2018.

05 – Gold Sarcophagus

Not only the design of the gold card 25 coffins but also in the tour of Pharaoh and Shun Ho verification game, they were awarded the player. In other words, you need to be a world-class Yu-Gi-Oh player at the right time and receive this card at the right time.
If you are chasing a second hard drive to get this card, then you will spend more than $ 2,200. This is at the fifth position in this list of top 10 most expensive Yu-Gi-Oh cards 2018.

06 – Promo Des Volstgalph

Says the truth, I do not understand the Des Volstgalph promotion beyond collectors are highly sought after the fact. Maybe this is not the most exciting story, but we are not arguing about the numbers. This is at the sixth position in this list of top 10 most expensive Yu-Gi-Oh cards 2018. When we see this card it is said that up to $ 600 on eBay, it is reported that this card is priced at around $ 1,900.

07 – Shrink

“Wait,” you might ask, “How can you consider a 99-cent card on eBay to be one of the most expensive cards of all time?” Like all collectibles, the first edition limited edition can be opened. One project becomes a rare difference from any other.
If you can confirm that your contraction is one of the rare releases, it can be sold anywhere from $ 1600 to $ 6,000. This is at the seventh position in this list of top 10 most expensive Yu-Gi-Oh cards 2018.

08 – Chinese Blue Eyes White Dragon

It is becoming increasingly clear that as a Chinese Yu-Gi-Oh fan is a profitable prospect, although we believe that collectors in the early life of the game cannot be predicted.
This blue-eyed white dragon, in addition to the other elusive version of the blue-eyed White Dragon, can run between $ 1300- $ 3900.

09 – GSC Dark Magician Girl

The ridiculous thing is that the magician “Magic Girl” has repeatedly discovered and changed over the years. However, if you have the first Japanese promotional version of this card, then this seemingly ordinary card can actually be a gold mine. The lucky ones, there is a card like this can sell $ 1100- $ 6600. This is at the ninth position in this list of top 10 most expensive Yu-Gi-Oh cards 2018.

10 – Chinese Dark Magician

Because Yu Ji Oh is an international phenomenon, if production is limited, some language cards can be widely sought. Taking into account Chinese black magic issued in 1999, the only production of a small amount of 100, the card in the second-hand market, the high cost The Black Chinese Magic Card can be sold anywhere from $ 800 to $ 1,600. This is at the tenth position in this list of top 10 most expensive Yu-Gi-Oh cards 2018.

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