Roger Stone Net Worth

Roger Stone Net WorthRoger Stone Net Worth 2019 – Roger Stone is an American Political Consultant, Social activist, and Lobbyist. Roger Stone was born 27 August 1952, in Norwalk, Connecticut, United States. According to Forbes, Roger Stone Net Worth 2019 is $20 Million. He is considered one of the closest consultants, substitutes and strategists of President Donald Trump. Over the past four decades, Roger has been involved in political campaigns involving outstanding Republicans such as Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush and so on. He is the co-founder of the lobbying company Black, Manafort, Stone and Kelly, who represent the lobbying interests of some very controversial foreign systems, such as Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos and Congolese dictator Mobutu Section. Over the years, Roger has been a controversial figure. He is known for his public deployment of dirty means to promote the agenda or political movement. He once called CNN commentator “Diva’s bit”. He called different CNN commentators “fat black” and “stupid black”. It is said that a lot of brutal accusations against political opponents are from Roger. This is one of the main characters to promote Hillary Clinton’s story of Parkinson’s disease. Roger is also the source of the story of the country’s inquirer of the five extramarital affairs of Ted Cruz. It was a bit ironic that in 1996, national inquirers briefly disrupted Roger’s career by publishing Roger and his wife on a “Swing Fever” swing magazine looking for sex partners’ advertisements. Stone first denied these allegations, but finally admitted that these ads are real. We are looking for a similar couple or a special muscular man, hang up, single. He is 40DD-24-36 and bi.He like hard and deep. He is 195 pounds, pruning, muscle and 8+.


Roger Stone Net Worth 2019 is $20 Million

First NameRoger
Last NameStone
Date of Birth30th November 1951
ProfessionPolitical consultant, Republican activist
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